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I'm back! I didn't go anywhere I just lost my internet connection for over a month. I'm amazed at how addicted I am to my email and my wonderful chat buddies at SBB. What I discovered while away from my keyboard is: I like to be outside. Shocking I know to those who know me. I planted 'maters, green beans and radishes, strawberries and herbs and they are growing! Then I started putting plants in the yard and separating hostas. My yard looks nice but that wasn't enough I started on my front porch with cleaning and making pillows for chairs and my swing. AND THEN: my connection came back. I'm going to try not to spend as much time on the internet this summer, more time with those around me and even more time working on my writing.

It sounds like a good plan, much like losing weight and staying on a great work out program, I'm not so good at those either. The good thing is a do over is always possible and maybe, just maybe this time I can do it.


  1. I haven't had Internet for 2 weeks now, just mooching off everyone else. We don't have TV now either. Makes for an interesting life change.

  2. Oh no Jen! Being unconnected leads to feeling unglued sometimes doesn't it?

  3. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Diana & Allison--Really enjoyed the interview because it is soooo much fun to connect with other "Boomer Babes"!!

    Allison, I have heard of you and your book, God Allows U-Turns, but because I reallly LOVE fiction, I am particularly excited to check out your new novels.