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Where do you write?

As a writer we should be able to write anywhere, right? All you need is something to make a mark, piece of chalk and rock or lipstick and a napkin.
But can you do that?
Do you do that if you are a writer?
I really want to know.

I don't. I want to but I can't I've trained myself to be at my computer with the right music playing and then after a few games of bedazzled I can start. I carry around a small notebook and pen in my purse all the time but seldom do I use it. I have great ideas all the time but they don't get recorded. I found driving with at least one hand and looking at the road to be the best way to keep my insurance costs low and others alive. I could use a voice recorder but I don't like the sound of my voice on playback so I don't listen to it.

So...can writer's write anywhere? Can you? Tell me!

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