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How much is too much?

Last night we had a speaker at our church. Debbie is walking across the US to raise money to build a library in Kenya. After listening to her describe her journey and watching the dvd of the states she has been through I started thinking. I know that can be dangerous for me!

Debbie walks with a pair of pj's, one set of clothes, food for the day, fuel, a small burner, a lighter, her bible a tent and the clothes she is wearing. That's pretty much it. I find that is amazing to know anyone could live with only that. On vacation I take tons of clothes and shoes and books! So how much is too much? Can I live with less than I have? I think so and that is my challenge in the next few months. I'm going to donate the things that are useful but I really can do without. Want to join the challenge?

If you'd like to learn more about Debbie's walk you can find her web page here http://www.walkingwithfaith.com

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