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I can do it myself

I've had a weird week. I moved my desk. This is a huge job because it's L shaped and huge! No, I couldn't wait any longer for Ed to help before you ask! So I got it moved and had my wires all lined up ready to hook up, then somehow I tripped over something and crashed to the floor along with all my wires. Yep, mass confusion. I couldn't tell what wire went where any longer. :( It took me all day and still no internet connection. Then Ed came home and let me stew in my mess even longer and five minutes before we went to bed he came in and said, I think you have the phone wire in the wrong phone line. Yep, he saved the day. I was connected just like that. Meanwhile I'm nursing my aching bones and watching the bruises turn odd colors. :) Hmm, I could be writing!

Thinking this through further I realize how often I take the hard route, doing things my way and ending up not meeting my goal because I wouldn't ask for help or wait for it. AND it always seems that God will send someone along to help me out of that mess. Anyone else have this kind of stubborn personality?

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  1. Um, that would be me. I'm getting better at it, or at least waiting on God. I still tend to move furniture around the house without help. :)