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Time to write

Where is the time? Where does it go?

I realize everyone has the same 24 hours I do but it seems that some have found the secret to using all 60 minutes in each hour. And many of those same people use those precious seconds to do something good for other people.

I am not one of them. It is January and it is cold. I want to be a bear. I want God to let me crawl in my own cave and sleep until spring. When I wake up I want all those busy ants (from the child's tale) to have completed all my work for me or if not completed at least been working on what needed to be done.

I imagine God is laughing at my request. I just wonder in heaven do I get to sleep all winter if I wish to? Is there a winter in heaven? I wouldn't want one but so many people seem to like snow, ice and freezing wind. Like my husband, he loves the cold weather and would love to live in Alaska or Michigan just mentioning Florida makes him sweat. So cold I will be--unless I find a way to never leave my house until spring.


  1. I know what you mean! Even here in AZ I've been cold since forever. Especially since this house doesn't have a fireplace and we've got to keep the heat set at 66. I spend most of my time huddled around my space heater in my office. Still getting nothing done. Sigh.

  2. That's sad, it's cold in AZ. :( Guess moving down your way isn't a good idea either. Wait, how cold is cold there?

    Space heaters are wonderful. I love mine but I find I don't move away from it at all because the rest of house seems so cold. It's not a great way to burn calories.