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The Christmas Season

I love this time of year, red and green, lights on houses, and advent. Nothing could be better than advent. The anticipation of Christ coming fills me with joy. I hope you too, are feeling the excitement.

I haven't blogged in quite a few weeks? months? sorry about that! I did pass my insurance test and am now working at a great office. A writer really does need to leave her nest to discover what the rest of the world is doing. Oh the things I have heard! And some will be used in future writings and to think I would have missed them if I had stayed in my comfort zone at home.

I finally have my kitchen back. I'm very happy about that. Yesterday I made cinnamon rolls with my son and a friend. AND not the kind I ususally make(the ones that come in a pressurized tube!) It's good to have Josh back home again, sorry Bri. I know how you miss him in Chicago.
I love working in here with my family. Christmas is a great time to have everything back in working order. There are still a few things left to replace but for now I feel very special to have such a great place to prepare meals.

Earlier this month we experienced an epic proportion
ice storm. I thought it was pretty and took photos. Others surrounding us feel differently. Many were without power for over a week. Lots of trees went through roofs, smashed cars and closed roads. Pine trees were stripped of their branches. Okay, it was pretty while they were covered in ice and the sun made the world look like an ice palace. Then after it melted and the reports of damage came it wasn't so pretty any more. See I'm not heartless!

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  1. Ah, you have your kitchen back and it looks lovely. I was thinking of you this past week when our house flooded. It's so not fun.