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Is it Friday yet?

That is a phrase which is screaming in my head today. Normally, Friday signals good things to come, dinner with friends, a visit with one of my kids, shopping ahead, or just hanging out in my hobby room. But not this Friday, this Friday is test day for me. Once again I will struggle with 'except' questions as I attempt to get my license for insurance. I don't remember having 'except' questions when I went to school. I feel I must apologize to my children, testing is hard. I'm sorry.
In case you've been out of school for awhile let me tell you what is an 'except' question. They all start out with something like this,
The following statements are true except for one:
The following statements are all false except for:
And what follows are statements that are long and twisted in their meanings and you think two of the four couldn't possibly be correct but the two that are left are so similar you're left wondering which was correct. Confused? Me too. So on Friday morning if you'd offer a prayer for the cloud of confusion to leave my mind I would be grateful.

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