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A year later

Josh drove himself to school this year, didn't need mom and dad at all! It didn't matter that we might need him! :) Actually he was being very sweet trying to save us the expense of the trip. So we let him go but the next afternoon we drove up with all the things he couldn't fit in his car, the necessary things that a college student must have...t.v. and guitar!

He seems to be so happy and I'm sure it's because we were there and not because we had the t.v. His dorm was experiencing problems with the internet and wouldn't be fixed until Monday. So even though there is an entire city to explore there wasn't anything for him to do!

On Sunday we took him to his choice of breakfast dining. He proved to us without a doubt he is a true college student. We went to Denny's where you can get the Lumberjack special, according to Josh it is the best deal in town.

We had a nice time but what struck me the most was the lack of my tears when we drove away. Last year I cried all the way home--six hours! Okay, I took a break to eat licorice and drink a few Diet Dr. Pepper's but mostly I cried. This year I knew Josh would be fine, he would find food, friends and pizza. It's a good feeling to leave your child behind when you have confidence they are doing the right thing. And the trip home was considerably drier!

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