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Jen tagged me with this meme a few weeks ago. I'm a little slow or maybe I just ran fast and she just caught me? I'm supposed to answer one these three questions.
1. If you could write a novel about any subject, what would it be?
2. If just the thought of having to write anything gives you hives, what
would you like to read about in a novel that you№ve never seen done before?
3. If you hate reading fiction (you can get counseling for that, you know),
what subject might make you change your mind or try it anyway?

I could pick the first one, that would be so easy for me. I'd write about digital scapbooking, or a mystery, or cooking, or remodeling, or a childrens book about dragons, or.... yes the brain is very busy and giving me ideas at a rapid pace
why aren't I doing all of these books?

I don't know. I think it has something to do with a lack of time. But I am going to particpate in NANOWIMO again this year. ( http://www.nanowrimo.org/ ) and I can't wait. Every spare moment I have will be writing without a care or any worries about editing. If you like to write sign up, it's free and at the end of the month maybe you'll have a book about a dragon that scapbooks on her computer while cooking asparagus in the crookpot or some such silliness too.

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  1. I'm pretty slow these days so I suspect I just caught you. ;) I think it should be great to see what you come up with during NaNoWriMo. I always want to do that and never have time.

    And I like the scrapbooking dragon book idea. :)