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Adult Children

Those two words seem at odds for me. There needs to be another term to describe your children when they move out and become adults and yet they will always be my children. If any of you have a better term please let me know!

This past weekend we went to a restaurant where my son, Andrew works. Andy is an amazing artist and a musician. He'll soon have a degree in fine arts. Right now he's supporting himself by working a chocolate bar as a cook. He wears a black chefs jacket and a huge smile. He's happy creating chocolate desserts. I would be happy too working around all that yumminess but that's another blog posting! I find it difficult to see him working in a kitchen, mixing ingredients, washing dishes as needed. I wish I had tapped into that talent when he was living at home. Maybe I can convince him to make desert at Christmas this year? Andy are you reading this? What do you think?


  1. There's such a thing as being a cook at a chocolate bar? Wow, that sounds like an amazing job. Can you order all sorts of chocolate there?

    When I was in high school I waitressed at an ice cream parlor where they made their own ice cream and chocolate sauce. Oh the days they made the hot fudge! It smelled incredible! I think we sold a lot more sundaes on those days.

  2. Yes, a chocolate bar, they have special desserts and drinks and the smell. Oh my! I could just be what heaven smells like!