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There is nothing like a good vacation. One without stress or to do lists, where cell phone service is sporadic. We went to Luddington, MI for a few days of rest and as goofy as it sounds we discovered each other again. After spending a year working on rehabbing a house it was nice to talk about things other than nails, grout and paint remover!

Big Sauble Light house

We walked the beach to get here one rainy afternoon and decided to come back the next day on our bikes. They had three families living at this lighthouse at one time. I hope they all got along!

Sunset on the beach at Luddington. I could watch this God action every day of my life!

I tried being artistic with this shot. Oh well, I can say it's different right?

Later in the afternoon the wind rose and sent waves crashing over the walkway! I didn't walk out to the end but of course Ed did!

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  1. Wow! Great pics! I've never been to Michigan. Not to too many places outside California and Arizona. Sigh. One of these days we'll see the country.

    Glad you had a great trip.