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Benifits of not having a kitchen

I've been thinking about this for the last few days and this is what I've come up with:
no cooking,
no need to worry if your house is a mess if company comes by unexpectedly
no need to buy groceries

When it's time to put things back in cabinets it will be an opportunity to clean out items I no longer use and give them to someone who might like to try decorating cakes.

Not having the living room is not full of good benefits so far I'm struggling on finding any. I can't get to my bookcase. If I only had a good book to read I might be able to lose myself in another world for awhile.
But I did get a chance to read a manuscript by Jennifer Tiszai and wow that was an awesome read. Thanks for sharing it with me Jen! I can't wait to see it published. Check out Jen's blog, the link is on the left.

Yesterday I had to write an extra chapter for a requested manuscript. Normally that wouldn't be too hard for me but they were still tearing out flooring and cabinets in the kitchen. AND one of the workers kept singing John Jacob Jinglehimer Schmidt over and over and over. I did get my work finished but it made for an interesting day, somehow the song found it's way into the chapter but I did delete that section before sending it on to my agent.
Below are shots of my kitchen.

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  1. Oh My! Good Grief! And Wow (not in a good way). On the good side, though, with all the practice you got on the other house, you should be able to fix this in nothing flat. (Yep, I'm ducking!)
    Love ya!