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What's that doggie in the window?

Yes, I said what, not who. There is a lot of construction work on the bridge in St. Louis which results in long traffic lines that don't move quickly. While we were waiting our turn to move forward I glanced in the car next to me. A small face popped up catching my attention. My brain didn't process the information it was getting because what I was seeing didn't belong! My brain kept saying small dog but my eyes were screaming, NO, it's a monkey!' And it was. A spider monkey was in the car next to me riding on the driver's lap. I have to say it was the oddest thing I've ever seen on the bridge.

Last night, St. Louis was hit by a major wind storm. We were spared from any wind damage but we also didn't get any rain. Not good for my little town across the river. My son lives on the other side of the river and he is one of the many without power. Today it is going to be 101 degrees. Many people will be without air conditioning today, please pray for their safety.


  1. It's a good thing that little monkey didn't shock someone into a car wreck. Wow!

    I hope the power comes on soon out there. We had a lot of power outages our first year here. I remember being with out AC all day when it was 110. We went to the mall. It was a good excuse. :)

  2. I was bit by a spider monkey at the Indianapolis Zoo when I was thirteen. I'm a tad leery of them and could just see that driver getting bit and causing a worse traffic jam!

    Last year we lost 36 people in Phoenix (nearly 50 if you count surrounding valley area) to the heat. The city decided we can't let that happen again. Places have been set up all over town (our church is one) where people can get some sleep, a shower, and a bite to eat out of the heat. And then, on the news last night, there was a reminder to call the elderly and sick that are at home just to make sure they are okay and getting enough water. It may be a dry heat here in Phoenix, but so is an oven.

    Watching the news, though, also showed how all these places in the US that are usually fairly mild in the summer are getting three digit temps. We're used to the heat (well, let's just say we expect the heat) but this isn't normal for you all. So take extra special care, girlfriend.
    Abundant blessings,
    Jenny Cary