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We're back home. Not from a fun vacation but a trip to the ER and a three day stay at the hospital. Not a place you'd want to visit or even stay over night! The nurses are great but no matter how often you hear, "Is there anything I can get for you?" It still doesn't feel like a five star hotel--no matter that it will cost more than one!
And the food! Oh my I was so glad I wasn't the one required to eat that cup of cooked spinach without any seasoning. It's a shame, spinach can be good just not when it comes out of can. And is oatmeal supposed to be gray?

My husband was a trouper though he ate what he was supposed to--even the mac and cheese which he dislikes. Anything that might make him get released sooner he was willing to do. Turns out all that snoring I complain about is probably the cause of more than a zillion nights of me sleeping on the couch. He stops breathing and makes his heart rate go ziggy. So in our future is a night at a sleep study. Until then I will be happy to hear him snore next to me.

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