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July 3, 2006

So I've revamped my blog and I like the way it looks but...
I can't get my images to click to a link to read more about them! I've only managed to find a way to get the image covers on the page. So if you want to read more maybe even decide you can't live without them? My home page address is www.dianabrandmeyer.com. Later I'll try and add direct links to order. By the time I figure it out I'm sure I'll be classified as a danger to myself. :) HTML is my friend, right?

Last night we went to my mom's for dinner and fireworks. She lives in the country and has an awesome place to have a fireworks display. My kids took full advantage of the grandparent's place. They brought along fountains and Roman candles. There were a lot of oohs and ahs said and even the bullfrog voiced his approval.  We also had sparklers. Love those things! I always get burned but the desire for bright colored sparks out ways the momentary twinges on my arms.

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